Baseball Academy Budget Breakdown






PDF Reader Required2017-2018 STFX Baseball Academy Budget

PDF Reader Required2016-2017 STFX Baseball Academy Budget Actuals




Baseball Academy Fees General Breakdown
(St. Francis Xavier & St. Thomas More)

There is an annual fee of $3000 that is required for participation in the academy.

These fees are collected to properly operate a full-time baseball program.

The budget breakdown is as follows:

Salaries 78.00%
Apparel 6.00%
Transportation 2.50%
Equipment 2.50%
Facilities 9.00%
Miscellaneous 2.00%

Extra fees are collected to cover expenses for fall or spring trips. These trips are optional, but encouraged.



STFX & STM Baseball Academy Features

Your Academy Fee includes the following:

  • Professional Full-time Instructors
  • FX or STM Academy apparel (hoodie, dry-fit shirts, shorts, etc)
  • Baseball specific fitness plan
  • Outside facility rental
  • Transportation to outside facility

During regular school hours from 8:15 am to 2:45 pm:

  • On field baseball instruction with 3-4 instructors (3 classes per week)
  • Classroom baseball instruction (1 class per week)
  • Fitness Centre instruction with school fitness instructor Mallory Matheson (1 class per week)

Outside of regular school hours:

  • Fall instructional games (local)
  • Access to 3-4 hours weekly of extra work
  • Access to Fitness Centre
  • Baseball specific workout plan

Extra Costs not included:

  • Optional fall, winter, and spring games outside of Edmonton. Costs will be determined on a trip by trip basis.


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